Bespoke and Su Misura services

These days more than ever, professionals require a unique wardrobe that adapts to their evolving lifestyle and personalities.

  Bespoke & Su Misura can create a unique look for special events, occasions, and daily business meetings. Ferruccio Milanesi experts develop your amazing wardrobe using exclusive fabrics and one-of-kind clothing and accessories made by our master tailors in Naples, Vancouver and Calabria in Italy. We help you identify your style’s DNA which is entirely built around you and your personality.

Look to Bespoke and Su Misura to seamlessly elevate your every mood and every moment. Fashion hub Bespoke and Made to Measure experience starts with a one-to-one meeting with a men’s body shape expert, personal style advisor, and master tailor. Our one-on-one meeting begins with an in-depth consultation to identify and create your style. The next step is selecting the exclusive fabrics we are manufacturing in-house in a limited quantity to serve up to 3 customers only. Follows the deciding on construction of the jacket and shoes, finishing, craftsmanship and all other details. From here, your Bespoke creation will take Five- Six months with several fitting, and the Su Misura (Made to Measure) product will be seamlessly made in just a Six-Eight weeks from the time you place your custom order to final delivery. Our custom-made Goodyear welted shoes will take three months.  

For our Bespoke and custom made services: