Free Fashion and Styling Advice

Unfortunately, most professionals still confusing fashion with style. Most of the time, they do not have a clear plan behind their purchases. Also, usually, they are building their wardrobe before knowing their body shape and style. The style should represent their personality.

We are offering all professionals one-on-one 30 minutes of free-of-charge style advice and wardrobe evaluation consultation.

During these 30 minutes, Fashion hub men’s body shape expert and style advisor evaluates your existing wardrobe and helps you identify your unique style and body shape. Also, our experts will present you with a short road map and blueprint of your future wardrobe, which you will build step by step with a clear plan on the behind of each product and purchase.
Please call us and book an appointment for more style and wardrobe building techniques and related lifestyle education @ 604 336 1315 or 604 801 6200.

Consultation fees:

  • 30 minutes of free-style consultation and products advice for all customers.
  • $1,500 per Hour: For an Exclusive Style Creation, Bespoke wardrobe, Existing Wardrobe Evaluation and Adaptation + Products Construction Education.
  • $950 per Hour: For Style Creation, Made-to-Measure, Ready-to-Wear and Wardrobe Evaluation and Adaptation.